Saturday, January 8, 2011

Top 10 Rip Off Video Game Consoles

I stumbled across these, each one made me chuckle...
Who would want a Gameboy if they could have one of these???

The new DG. I don't know who will sue... Nintendo or Dolce & Gabbana!

Hmmm.... Anyone for a No.1 console?

Do we really want our kids to associate PCP with fun?

I'm not sure this one makes any sense at all?!?

Another take on Sony's pocket system. Wonder what the 'O' stands for

The Wii is obviously a good subject for a rip off. 

As shown by the new Wi Wi! Once again, I feel the need to relieve myself

10 out of 10 for branding, 2 out of 10 for the look of the thing

Is the Super Megason the console, or the boy playing it???

Playstation deals you might want to avoid...

I love the complete rip off... Except for the CD drive!
Check out the box logo
When it worked with the PS One, why change for the PS2?
How about this? A rip off which has something the original doesn't!

Ok, I reckon they had the pictures to work with... But not the measurements? 

Love the cartridge slot! I almost want this just to play Dungeon Master again


  1. why didn't you do the chintendo vii? its a company ripoff and the miis are replaced by CATS!!!

  2. Well pointed out! Keep em coming... Do you think one day the rip off will be better than the original??? lol

    1. Absolutly. But it will probably never get a commercial release.Due to Lawyers and all that shit.