Tuesday, July 5, 2011

So.... Why do I want a Les Paul?

Ok, here I am, killing time as usual, surfing through the world wide web, and what do I find but a new line of limited edition Gibson Les Paul Studio guitars.

For the longest time, like the fox in the Aesop's fable who couldn't reach the berries at the top of the tree, I had decided that Gibson Les Pauls were all played by people with more money than sense, people who would pay all that money just to have the mother of pearl 'Gibson' logo emblazoned across the top of their headstock... Whether they could play the damn thing or not wouldn't matter, as long as they had the same guitar Slash had. (Insert here any of the following: Jimmy Page, Gary Moore, Slash, Pete Townsend, Zac Wilde, The Edge, Etc Etc)