Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Aviation Again, Some Ooops Moments

Sometimes, when all is said and done and the dust clears, all you can say is.... Ooops?

Channel 4 News - Gliders Could be Grounded by New Law

Reproduced from Channel 4, original date: Saturday 20 November 2010
Gliding - flying a plane without an engine - is popular in Britain, and we have regularly produced world champions. But, as Keme Nzerem discovers, the sport is under threat from a new European law.

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) wants to introduce a new continent-wide pilot's licence which will improve safety.

But the licence means no more flying near clouds and restrictions on evasive manoeuvres often necessary in cloudy British skies for gliders, posing a threat to the sport which is enjoyed by 8,500 people in the UK.

Self Launching Glider With a Difference!

A creative bunch of tinkerers think the recent trend of self-launching gliders needs a bit of a boost. So instead of outfitting their high-performance sailplane with an electric or small piston motor, they’ve attached a jet engine that folds neatly into the fuselage.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Shoreham Glider Crash

These pictures were captured by an amateur photographer watching the airshow from the crowd, and capture the last moments of the flight. Click on 'Read More' for more pictures and video.

The Internet... Answers to all the Tough Questions

Oh dear God, have we really come to this???

Best Newspaper Stories

Some if these are new, some have been around a while... All should make you laugh though! Sixteen more after the jump... Just click 'read more'!

Great, that'll help...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Funny Pictures

This is the first week, so I've been trawling through my hard drive looking for images which made me smile :-)

I present to you, my first funny pictures post! (More after the jump)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I couldn't resist posting this :-)

Twenty-one Reasons Why English Is Hard to Learn

X Factor Madness

Oh My God... It's Saturday night and we are going to be subjected to another bad karaoke mash up by Wagner.

I'm kind of getting used to that, but a quick trip across the magic of the internet to Skybet shows that Wagner is now only 6/1 to win the whole damn thing!

The Ultimate Boys Toy???

Surfing the internet this morning (and skillfully avoiding my responsibilities, I might add) I came across this:

It's called the Viperjet MkII and you can have one now, but there are a few catches. Firstly, you have to build it. That's right, get out your socket set and spirit level, we're going to build a fighter jet!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Big Kid Bunks Off To See Harry Potter

Ok, you may have noticed that this is my fifth post today... Truth is, I've been putting off this blogging business for so long, now I'm trying to fit my whole week in.

Anyway, I reckon that the whole point of a blog is to share the moments which are a bit different. You know, when something isn't part of the normal weekly routine (which for most of us working stiffs is: Wake up, drink coffee, go to work. Work far too long, go home. Play with kids. Eat Dinner, watch crappy TV, go to bed. Repeat five times).

Since the last Harry Potter film came out, we have had a baby. Now, I'm all for babies, they are very cute, and I love him to bits but...

Guitars Need Maintenance Too!

Our bass player passed me the task of visiting our local guitar tech today. (I guess one of the downsides of having a flexible diary and being self employed is that everyone wants you to run errands for them). Seems his favourite Fender Jazz Bass was poorly and needed a specialist to take her apart at sort her out.

If you live in Peterborough, this job falls to


What better way to start the day than a cup of coffee and a catch up with your favourite comics? I've got to admit (and I'm sure my wife will readily agree) that some part of me never grew up. I might seem a responsible adult on the outside, but I am still capable of a tantrum every now and then (I WANT IT!!!), I still have unrealistic expectations (I WANT IT ALL!!!), I sometimes get impatient when waiting (I WANT IT NOW!!!), and I'm not properly settled into the day until I've digested my morning comics.

These days, it's not the newspaper delivering them of course, it's the internet. As usual for

Our Bocian is finally flying...

If that title appears cryptic to you, I guess you're not a glider pilot!

Designed and built in Poland (first models in the 50's, last ones in the early 70's)' the SZD-9 Bocian is a wood and canvas two seat glider. Sadly, although these gliders were extremely popular for training and

Hello, Good Evening and Welcome!

 This blog is an experiment. An experiment in so much as, unlike almost every other blog I find on the internet, this one doesn't really have a theme... At least, no one interest, hobby, profession, etc.

I guess I have been lucky in life, lucky to have the opportunity and inclination to try out so many different things with my free time that, well, I guess I just don't get free time any more, there's too much to do. Due to my 'Jack of all Trades' nature, I am honest enough to say I'm not really good at anything... Some days I envy