Friday, November 26, 2010

Guitars Need Maintenance Too!

Our bass player passed me the task of visiting our local guitar tech today. (I guess one of the downsides of having a flexible diary and being self employed is that everyone wants you to run errands for them). Seems his favourite Fender Jazz Bass was poorly and needed a specialist to take her apart at sort her out.

If you live in Peterborough, this job falls to
Jon Haire at guitar services. A nice guy who does a brilliant job of looking after our tools of the trade (Yes, this is a shameless plug of his services). Check out his website HERE, and trust me... There isn't a guitar out there that this guy can't make better. You may have just bought it, unwrapped it, doesn't matter. A professional setup can make a Squier play like a Fender and a Fender play like a dream. **(For those of you who don't know guitars, interpret the above statement with 'a cheap guitar play like an expensive guitar and an expensive guitar play like you wouldn't believe possible).

To all you beginners out there, don't think you have to spend a fortune on your first guitar. A cheap guitar with a professional setup will be easier to learn on than a mid range guitar without one, and will probably be cheaper too.

Anyway, like most real life stories, there isn't a punchline... Just a recommendation. If you find yourself in the neighbourhood of Jon Haire Guitar Services, call in and say hi. Tell em Tony sent ya!

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