Friday, November 26, 2010

Hello, Good Evening and Welcome!

 This blog is an experiment. An experiment in so much as, unlike almost every other blog I find on the internet, this one doesn't really have a theme... At least, no one interest, hobby, profession, etc.

I guess I have been lucky in life, lucky to have the opportunity and inclination to try out so many different things with my free time that, well, I guess I just don't get free time any more, there's too much to do. Due to my 'Jack of all Trades' nature, I am honest enough to say I'm not really good at anything... Some days I envy
 the kind of person who can live a hobby day in, day out. You know the sort, a kid starts playing the guitar when he turns four and practices every day without fail. By the time he turns ten, he can play every solo by Steve Vai, Jimmi Hendrix, Carlos Santana and that Swedish guy with a name no one can pronounce. Some days, I really wish I was that guy.

Most days, I say screw that, life's too short! Cram in every experience you can, try everything at least once, fill your head with so much knowledge and experience that it starts to dribble out your ears!

In my forty one years, I have sampled skiing, sailing, swimming, snorkelling, flying models (helecopters, gliders, planes), flying (light aircraft), gliding, driving (cars, vans, trucks, go-karts), riding (horses, bikes and motorcycles), even bungee balls. I have played with every kind of technology, sometimes because it's useful, mostly just because it's fun. I have sang and played in rock bands and play guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and piano (I did play the trumpet for a while in high school, but It didn't really stick, so I guess that doesn't count).

My point here isn't to brag because to be honest, even in my relatively small circle of people I know, there is at least one person who is better than I am at every one of those hobbies/activities/persuits. Really, I don't consider myself to be much good at any of them. But, through the years, I seem to have picked up a lot of information and experience on all of them.

This blog is really to bounce ideas off you all, and maybe give you ideas of things to try. The point about being a Jack of All Trades is that I can't help you to become a master of anything... So I'm not going to try. I might just be able to open a door for you to try something new though. I guess most readers will be passing through, but for any of you who want to keep in touch regularly, at least you won't know what's coming next! One day I'll ramble on about gliding, the next about acoustic guitars. I may even break off talking about vocal excercises to moan about the X-Factor (no one admits watching it, yet somehow it's the biggest TV show there is at this time of year).

So if you want a blog which is a mix and match of music, flying, bikes, Formula One, internet funny stuff, computer tips, PS3 game and hardware thoughts and so many other topics I just can't think of them all right now, come back and see me some time... Who knows what you'll find? I sure don't!

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