Saturday, November 27, 2010

X Factor Madness

Oh My God... It's Saturday night and we are going to be subjected to another bad karaoke mash up by Wagner.

I'm kind of getting used to that, but a quick trip across the magic of the internet to Skybet shows that Wagner is now only 6/1 to win the whole damn thing!

It seems that the internet has decided to teach Simon Cowell another lesson. Anyone remember Joe what's
his name last year? The epic battle for the Xmas number one spot, when the competition was a seventeen year old rap metal song by Rage Against the Machine, chosen only because you couldn't get more opposite to Joe McSomething if you tried... Round one to the internet.

Or was it?

After all, for every blog reader and Facebook minion who rushed off to iTunes and downloaded 'Killing in the Name Of', there were almost as many fans of Mr Cowell, Joe Mac and the X Factor who rushed out and downloaded ten copies each of whatever the winners song was last year. Net result? Joe Elderberry sold 450,000 copies of The Mountain Climber (not bad for someone unknown before September 2009) to reach number 2. Unfortunately for poor Joe, Rage Against the Machine sold 500,000 copies of 'Killing in the Name Of', and found themselves with a Christmas number one they had no idea they were in the running for.

Funny thing though... Rage against the Machine are signed to Sony. Syco are a subsidiary of Sony so, however you slice it, Sony and Simon Cowell sold 950,000 downloads off the back of a mediocre performance of a Miley Cyrus song.

I wonder if anyone with a copy of Killing in the Name Of feels a bit cheated?

Round two... Now round two really could be interesting. If the unthinkable happens and Wagner wins, will anybody REALLY buy his record? I would hope not. This might be the ultimate up yours to Simon Cowell. Make him, while following his own rules, release an album perfectly suited to the Christmas period... A complete turkey.

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  1. Well, no mash up... He's still going to take a place from someone more deserving tonight though!