Monday, November 29, 2010

Best Newspaper Stories

Some if these are new, some have been around a while... All should make you laugh though! Sixteen more after the jump... Just click 'read more'!

Great, that'll help...

Captain Obvious is in the building!

That must have been some camouflage!

Brothers and sisters, the same the world over... At least he's honest about it!

Captain Obvious rides again...

Umm..... Duuhhh!??!?!!!?!

You know, most of the time I have an idea of what they are TRYING to say, but this one???

Someone must have told him that 'Americas Dumbest Criminals' pays well

Hmmm.... There wasn't a student called 'John Connor' at the learning centre, was there?

Oh, that's all right then, at least they apologized

Ahh, neighbourhood watch... Where would the police be without it? Oh, right... Out catching criminals...

I just love that meat they make in the supermarket! Thank God animals aren't involved!

Yep, it's always going to be bad when a rolling pin is involved...

And the other 38 were...... ???

Must have been some burrito!

Cat Burglar maybe?  

I don't think I can add anything to this... I'm just going to leave you to picture the scene!

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