Friday, November 26, 2010


What better way to start the day than a cup of coffee and a catch up with your favourite comics? I've got to admit (and I'm sure my wife will readily agree) that some part of me never grew up. I might seem a responsible adult on the outside, but I am still capable of a tantrum every now and then (I WANT IT!!!), I still have unrealistic expectations (I WANT IT ALL!!!), I sometimes get impatient when waiting (I WANT IT NOW!!!), and I'm not properly settled into the day until I've digested my morning comics.

These days, it's not the newspaper delivering them of course, it's the internet. As usual for
the world wide web there really is some crap out there, but when you search, you find some real gems. Some with ongoing stories like soap operas, others just give you a quick laugh when you need it.

What follows is my own personal list. I haven't checked out every comic on the web and I'm not qualified to criticize, this is just what I've found, I enjoy, and I hope you will too.

1. Questionable Content - Martin, Dora, Faye, Hanners... All just the right balance of screwed up and yet funny, the characters and believable while still being odd enough to be interesting.

2. Least I Could Do - Rayne Summers is the man every man would be if they could get away with it. All men will deny this if questioned, but still, deep down...

3. Girls With Slingshots - Ok, I know, I'm not supposed to like this, it's girly. Well, I don't care. It makes me laugh, and I can't help thinking I see a little bit of people I know in almost every strip. Check it out.

4. Cyanide & Happiness - Always a one page joke, and sometimes you really feel bad for laughing, but still... The internet would be a much more boring place without this one!

5. Ctrl+Alt+Del - I'm kinda new to this one, but I have had a few laughs from it, if you think you might be a bit of a gamer geek, check this out. If you find yourself laughing, you probably are :-)

There are a few 'Not Safe For Work' ones as well, but I'll leave them for now... I don't want to lose my 'G' rating!

Post your favourites in the comments section so others can check them out!

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