Monday, February 7, 2011

Robert Kubica (Lead driver for Renault in Formula 1) has been involved in a rally accident in Italy yesterday morning. After an airlift and seven hours of surgery to re-attach his partially severed hand, doctors say it is too early to tell if he will regain full use. He also suffered arm and leg fractures.

While driving a Skoda Fabia in the Ronde di Andora rally on Sunday morning, his car crashed. It is understood that a crash barrier penetrated the footwell. Reports also say that Robert was trapped in the car for an hour while specialist cutting equipment was brough to the scene.

Once freed from the wreckage Robert was airlifted to a hospital near Genoa where he underwent a seven hour operation to re attach his partially severed hand. Initial reports suggested he would lose the hand, but those fears were later played down. Professor Mario Igor Rossello, one of the specialist surgeons involved in the operation, said it was too early to assess the long term implications of his injuries. Although doctors were 'Moderately satisfied' with the operation to rebuild the hand, it would be several days before they could determine whether the hand would be 'Able to return to full function'.

When asked what the best prognosis for recovery would be, Rossello replied 'One year. One year is the best provision'.

I am sure that everyone involved in the sport as well as fans all over the world will be wishing Robert well and hoping for a speedy recovery. We may not see him back in a Formula 1 car this year, but we won't forget the fire and determination he brought with him to every race. Whoever your favourite driver is right now in Formula 1, you have to admit that Kubica adds to the show, with his ability to out perform the car he is in.

Hurry up and recover Robert, Formula 1 needs you.

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