Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Few of Examples of Dangerous Driving

The internet is full of video clips and a fair few of them seem to be car related. These are just some favourites of mine :-)
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Driving while Multitasking?

Well, he is in the fast lane... (I reckon 250mph might be a bit high, but who knows?) And seeing as the guy holding the camera phone is driving at the same time, I guess he's not a lot better...

Sometimes, no matter how careful you are, it's the unseen other guy who is the problem. But what about when you have a whole junction full of nutters???

The problem is, sometimes the nutters get lucky... When they get lucky too often, this kind of thing seems normal I guess...

Ok, it's one thing to be an idiot behind the wheel. I guess none of us are perfect... We all sometimes do (or don't do) something we later feel lucky to get away with.

At least the star of the next video had the decency to be a crazy senile idiot ON HER DRIVING TEST! No, really... It was good of her to give the examiner such an accurate demonstration of her driving standard. At least she won't be out on the roads any more (which is more than can be said for many of the drivers who appear here).

Personally, I love to watch people who are in such a hurry they end up taking twice as long to accomplish something... Combine with a little non-permanent injury (to reinforce the lesson) and you get some sweet moments.

Like this one! I guess putting the Handbrake on would have held him up far too much, busy man like him :-)

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