Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's a Piano Jim, But Not as We Know It

Lady Gaga, This One Is Because Of You

If you have a bone to pick with regards to the designing of the Hydra Piano, you better fight Lady Gaga then. Apostol Tnokovski was enjoying one of her performances on the telly, when he realized that the old, boxy piano was a misfit on her stage! Aghast, he took to the drawing board and came up with this unique, some-what flowing concept that looks stunning in pure glossy white or black. To make matters complicated, the inspiration also comes from the mythological sea monster “Hydra”. Wonder who would perform better on stage shows…monster Hydra Lady Gaga or the piano!

Designer: Apostol Tnokovski
Opinions are split... Is the greatest piece of musical design you have ever seen, or a waste of space which will sound crap with all that fibreglass or whatever killing the resonance?

While I admire the designer for his flowing lines, I can't help but wonder about the practical issues... What size lounge would you need to have this at home?

Would you really want to be the tour roadie responsible for moving it every night without damaging it?

And, just a guess here... I don't think Lady GaGa will be ordering one of these anytime soon. Something about the lady tells me she wouldn't want any of her outfits being upstaged by a musical instrument!

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