Thursday, December 16, 2010

Top Ten Flash Mobs

My nomination for most intersting, fun and crazy Flash Mobs... Click read more for the videos!

10 . ABBA Flash Mob - Seattle, Washington, USA, June 2010

You've gotta love this, cause the medical centre is Swedish and... It's ABBA! Ok, maybe an obvious pun can make this a bit more fun, but the looks on the faces of the non-involved are priceless.

9. Hammer Time Flash Mob - Los Angeles, California, USA, 2009

Funny to watch, but if I worked at that shop and suddenly a large group of shirtless men wearing gold foil hammer pants came running through the entrance, I'm not sure what I'd do... Run in the other direction??? Seriously, I'm amazed some shop lifter didn't seize the opportunity to clear the place out!

Harry Potter Flash Mob - University of San Diego, California, USA, December 2010

You really can see how the students here took their inspiration from the room. There are a number of Harry Potter themed flash mob videos out there, but this one rises to the top.

100 Girls Dance in Picadilly - London, UK,

I'd like to talk about artistic merit, about the skills and difficulties of getting this performance together, but truth is I'm just enjoying 100 attractive women wearing nothing but leotards and high heels dancing for our entertainment...  As a matter of fact, here is another view of the proceedings, just so I can enjoy it again :-)

Eurovision 2010 Flash Mob - All Over, May 2010

The Eurovision people used social networking sites to attempt the biggest flash mob ever. During the halftime break of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, people started dancing in the stadium, followed by every country the contest was being broadcast in. I'm not sure if there are any rules for flash mob record breaking, I don't think it should count if the crowds aren't in the same place... But that's just me!

Food Court Musical - Los Angeles, California, USA, March 2008(?)

Not sure if this fully counts as a flash mob, sixteen is a bit small to be called a mob... But it's entertaining, so it makes the list. Fans of 'Whos Line is it Anyway?' will recognise the style of improv humour, which is no bad thing.

Best Buy Flash Mob - New York, NY, USA, May 2006

This is a simple one, but funny to think about the implications... For those of you outside the US, best buy staff wear a uniform of blue polo shirt and tan trousers. A simple, effective and understated way to ensure customers know who the sales people are. Well, right up until everyone who walks through the door is wearing... Blue polo shirts and tan trousers???

Supermarket Flash Mob - Manchester, UK, 14 March 2007

Around 50 people pre arranged this flash mob in Manchester, creating a mass freeze frame for four minutes. I've got to be honest, if I was shopping there I would have been freaked out... How long would it have taken you to realize everyone had frozen?

Glee Flash Mob - Rome, Italy, 21 December 2009

I figured this one had to go in, if for no other reason than to prove that English speaking countries aren't the only places people will do crazy things just because the internet tells them to!

Christmas 2010 Flash Mob - Food Court Hallelujah

It's almost Christmas again, and we all probably need a reminder of what Christmas is all about. Ahhh, yes that's it, Christmas is a time to stand up in your local mall and sing The Hallelujah Chorus! How could I forget?

Honourable Mention:

Star Wars Subway Car

I don't think that five people constitute a mob, even in very small countries. In New York City, five people doesn't even count as a conversation! Still, I had to throw this one in for entertainment value alone.

Many of these videos (you will have noticed) come from If you want to see more, or create your own top ten, click on the link and go see them... They are a friendly bunch!

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