Monday, December 6, 2010

Sexy Funny Commercials

Some old, some new... Kill a few minutes and have a laugh at funny commercials from around the world! Ten funny clips after the jump...

Double A Paper - Sometimes you just wish these things happened in real life...

Sexy Beaver - Wow... Subtle...

Levis - Ahhhh, the 'twist at the end' ending!

Dr Pepper - No comment needed, just enjoy :-)

Mow the Lawn - Subtle number 2....

Spondex - Words fail me, you'll just have to watch it

Mazda 3 Series

Heineken - Jennifer Aniston

Now I reckon this is supposed to demonstrate how good the elastic is in these knickers. I'm not sure if it works, only it was fun watching!

Bud Light - The king of Superbowl commercials, Here's another winner.

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