Thursday, December 2, 2010

Personal Speed Submarine. Wait... What???

Seabreacher X

It’s a shark-shaped personal watercraft thingy that can do 50 mph above water and then dive down like a damn submarine and do 25 mph under the water. If your mind is not completely blown right now with childlike glee, something is wrong with you. Or maybe you’re dead. Or a robot. Either way, the Seabreacher X does all those things and does them well. A 260 hp engine supplies the go - enough to propel the Seabreacher out of the water and into the air. It has a video camera mounted on it’s top/dorsal fin that feeds an LCD screen in the cockpit to facilitate underwater navigation, as well as a full stereo system and iPod dock. The only way it could be cooler is if it had laser guns.

If it's extreme, it probably comes from America... The Innerspace Seabreacher is no exception. Innerspace don't stock these, each one is custom made for the individual. You can specify graphic paint jobs, interior colours and materials, even tinker with the power and performance. As there is no set specification there is no set price, although Innerspace say $65,000 - $85,000 should do it, depending on how wild you want to go.

Looking at this and my post about the ICON A5, I guess we are starting to see the effects of growing up with James Bond films on the TV every Christmas!

If you want to get on the phone and order yours for Christmas, head on over to seabreacher and tell em Tony sent ya!

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